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KNMS Elective Course Descriptions

6th Grade Electives
6th Grade Electives are an A/B rotation schedule and equal a semester class (spread out through the school year).

Art 6 - 6th grade art is a hands-on multimedia class with an emphasis on observation and technical skills in drawing, painting, printmaking, sculpture, digital art and various other art mediums. Students will be made aware of the creative process, which includes brainstorming, problem solving, and analyzing and evaluating art. Students will begin to see how the creative process relates to all disciplines, and come to know art as a tool of communication and self expression. Studio assignments will develop a deep connection to art history and the art elements and principles of design. Through whole class critiques and written reflections, students learn how to analyze their own art and the work of others. They begin to understand the value of reflection and critical judgment in creative work.
Choir 6 - This mixed grade level class explores the basics of ensemble technique, music literacy, composition, expression, and performance.  Students will participate in multiple choral concerts.
Band 6 - Students will learn how to hold, put together, make sound, and read music on a band instrument.  Students will participate in multiple band concerts.
Entrepreneurship & Basic Cooking Skills - During the first semester we will focus on Entrepreneurship.  Emphasis will be placed on the introduction and application of business terminology, basic entrepreneurship concepts and fundamental business principles. Students will design, establish and operate the concession stand used for KNMS activities.

During the second semester we will focus on basic cooking skills. Students will be introduced to the fundamentals of food preparation and good nutrition.  After learning procedures for measuring, food and equipment safety and cleanliness in the kitchen, students will have the opportunity to prepare a variety of simple recipes. Students will be required to pay a $15 course fee for supplies.
Career Exploration 6 - This course will provide students with opportunities to identify interests, abilities, aptitudes, values, and personality traits as they relate to career planning, to develop a keen understanding of the value and benefit of work, and to differentiate between jobs and careers.

Makerspace 6 - This is a beginning course designed to introduce 6th graders to the Makerspace in the library. This is a project based class where students may work with others to innovate, build, code or create with a wide variety of materials ranging from tech to crafts.
Science of Technology 6 - Students will use science to engineer and solve problems, creating dragsters, roller coasters, Rube Goldberg machines, and multiple other creations using applied physics concepts with the help of CAD software. This class also explores applied chemistry and environmental engineering with ice cream creation, making adhesives, cleaning up oil spills, and more.
7th/8th Grade Electives

7th/8th Grade Electives are semester-only classes, with the exception of Choir, Band, Art, and Advanced Industrial Tech. Art and Advanced Industrial Tech can be taken for a semester OR a year. Choir and Band are year long.

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KNMS 7th-8th Elective Options